Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Thank you!

As you all know, I am now on leave until my little ladies are welcomed into this incredible world. I just wanted to write a quick post to thank all of you for a wonderful year. I could not have asked for better students and parents to work with this year. I truly enjoyed every single day and looked forward to coming to work, just to see all of these incredible kiddos! Everyday was full of surprises! I've never taught a class that is so funny, empathetic, creative and willing to try any challenge like this particular class. 

I know that I will see great things from each and every one of you in the future! You are all amazing - never forget that!

Thank you all as well for my party on my last day. The gifts for the girls was overwhelming. Everything was so beautiful and thoughtful. Also thank you to Mr. T for organizing such a sweet party and providing a delicious cake!!! 

Thank you all for the best year ever! xoxox 

Mrs. Fahey 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 11th - Egg Drop Challenge

On Monday, students of Mrs. Fahey's class and Mrs. Barker's class joined forces to create an egg drop contraption. The goal was to protect an egg as it fell from a high location. 

Tuesday we tested our contraptions. Some eggs unfortunately did not make it, but boy was it fun! 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Important Dates for April 10-13

Monday, April 10
~ Building a "safe" egg contraption!!
~ No spelling words this week

Tuesday, April 11
~ Testing egg contraptions
~ Catch up on the Amazing Race
~ Book Buddies

Wednesday, April 12
~ Library: please return any library books that are not being renewed

Thursday, April 13 ~ Dress Fancy Day! 
~ A quick assembly at 8:45am for those students who will be attending Coalbanks Elementary in September.
~ Easter Egg Hunt at 10:30
~ Snacks and watching a movie with the entire grade three's in the afternoon!
~Spirit Assembly at 2:00
~ U of L Drama presentation from 2:15-2:50ish.
~ Mrs. Fahey's last day .... :(


After the Easter Break, 3B will be participating in a few Ukrainian related activities. Each of these activities require parent volunteers. Thank you already to those of you who have volunteered your time, it is greatly appreciated!! 

Monday, April 24 - No school for students, PD Day for Teachers 
Tuesday, April 25 - First Day back for students!! Also first day with Ms. Morrow :) 

Starting on April 27, students will begin working on Pysanky Eggs. Due to the nature of having candles lit in order to melt the wax for the eggs, and the dying process of the eggs, it is extremely important to have a few extra adult hands in the classroom to assist with this project.  If you dare to assist us in this incredibly fun project, please send me a message through class dojo, write in your child's agenda, or send an email: amanda.fahey@lethsd.ab.ca 
The dates are as follows:
Thursday, April 27 from 8:35-10:15 
Monday, May 1 from 12:35-1:55
Wednesday, May 3 from 12:35-1:55
Friday, May 5 from 10:15-11:30 (This is a catch up time for any students who need to finish an egg) 

** We are also in need of long stick candles in order to complete this project. 

Finally, on May 2nd, grade 3 students will be going to the Yates Theatre to watch Ukrainian Dance. At the moment we have 3 drivers, however we are in need of a few more. We will be leaving school around 9am and returning by 11:30am. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Destination Imagination Strikes Again!

We are currently working on a Fairy Tale / Fractured Fairy Tale unit. Students have been looking at the components of a fairy tale and are in the process of writing their very own fractured fairy tale (stay tuned for some green screen videos as we share our fairy tales!). 

Yesterday we completed a Destination Imagination project. Students were given three tasks:

* Build a new bed for Goldilocks (that must be big enough and strong enough to hold her! As well as baby bear, mama bear and papa bear needed to be supported by this bed as well.) 

*Engineer an escape route for Rapuzel (she is tired of people pulling on her hair, therefore she wanted a different route out of her castle that was safe!!)

*Construct an arrow for Robin Hood (The arrow must support a full sized non-sharpened pencil and be able to hit a specific target)

Students had a wide range of materials available to them for the building process. We invited Mrs. Barker's class to join us as they are also working on a fairy tale unit. With a partner - here are the projects our students created! 

The Planning Process! 

 Building and finished products!